Community Amenities

Playgrounds & Athletic Resources

Playgrounds and tot lots are located on Green Acres, Green Drive, and Stark Road. Features include playground equipment, benches, and tables. Basketball courts, a racquetball court, and tennis court are also available for resident enjoyment.

Playground Rules

  1. Children under the age of 6 years are not permitted on playgrounds without adult supervision.
  2. Playground equipment, swings, slides, etc. are fixed in place and are not to be removed, relocated, changed, or altered.
  3. No personal equipment will be installed in the playgrounds.
  4. Pets are restricted from playground areas.

Dog Park

A dog park is located on the old baseball field on Green Acres. The dog park can be accessed during daylight hours, but not before 8:00am. Features include a fenced-in area, benches, and posts with bags and garbage cans for pet waste.