Green Acres Power-Washing

A spring power-washing of the Green Acres neighborhood will begin on 4/15.  There will be a private contractor power-washing the exterior of your homes in addition to the interior and exterior of all backyard fences.  Please be sure your backyard fences and the surrounding grounds are clear of any obstructions, including animal feces, or any items you do not want to get wet.  Please also be sure to bring pets inside and keep windows closed.  Power-washing will be done only during normal business hours.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the community management office.  Thank you!

Welcome to the new Website!

Welcome to the new, redesigned NWS Earle Homes website! Over the past year we have worked with small focus groups, with customer satisfaction and usability in mind, in order to bring you these new website updates. Our websites now present an easier way to browse content and find helpful information. New features include: - Messages & Events Stream – access the most current messages and...